Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 4

I set up my goals at the beginning of the week when I weighed 284.  So I spent the week watching what I ate and working hard and I'm proud to say this morning I weighed 279.7!  That put me ahead of my goal by a pound!  I just hope I don't see it as an opportunity to slack off.

So I'e been doing Atkins off and on for about a year now, and I can tell you that it is working well.  75+ lbs well.  Although I've come a long way, there is still a long way to go.  It took years to put on, and it will take years to take off.  It's not that hard to diet and exercise, and I actually enjoy my new found strength.  I wish I would of started losing weight a lot sooner so that I would not have wasted years being unhealthy and generally unhappy about life.

So for those of you who don't know what Atkins is, it is basically a carb/calorie restricted diet.  I'm not going to type up all the in's and out's of the diet since that's what Google is for.  But I still feel like people interested in the diet can learn from my personal experience.  I've actually given up carbonated beverages for a while.  When I was weighing myself everyday I would notice when I drank even a diet soda it would slow my weight loss.  Plus personally I feel a lot better when I drink non carbonated water vs diet soda.

When I started Atkins, I was going from Taco Bell, home deep fried frozen cheese sticks, most of a frozen pizza for dinner 4 nights a week, to diet food.  It did not seem interesting or tasty to me what so ever.  The first few weeks were rough.  I craved everything from tacos to ice cream, and it wasn't because I was hungry it was because I was dieting.  So I powered through it and after a while my eating habits became just that, habits.  Just recently I went to Vegas and we went to the buffet.  I told myself when I left that I was of vacation, and I would let myself eat whatever I wanted.  So I walked up to the buffet and grabbed everything that looked good.  When I sat back down without realizing it I had grabbed a plate full of protein.  And while I made sure to eat some of the most delicious chicken, prime rib, and pork that I've ever had, I made sure to go back up and get dessert.  But eventually I came to find recipes that I love to cook at home.

One of my favorites recently is a quesadilla with shredded chicken, cheese, and vegetables.  It's so simple once I found low carb tortillas in the grocery store (about 4 net carbs).  And since you can eat meat, cheese, and vegetables it's not that hard figuring out mexican recipes you can make.  Most of the time though I'll just cook marinated chicken/steak/pork with a side salad for dinner.  If you ask Google for low carb recipes you'l find entire websites dedicated to the subject.

So my goal is to lose 30 lbs by Sept 1st.  I calculated that that's roughly 2.2 lbs a week which seems a bit tough, but still do-able.  Whether I make it or not, I'm still going to lose weight and I'm still going to feel better.  So, in case you're following along at home here it is.  It'll actually be easier for me to keep track if I have it written down somewhere, might as well be here. 279.7

April 29 278     279.7
May 6   276.5
May 13  274
May 20  272.5
May 27  271
June 3    269.5
June 10  268
June 17  266.5
June 24  265
July 1     263.5
July 8     262
July 15   260.5
July 22   259
July 29   257.5
Aug 5    256
Aug 12  254.5
Aug 19  253
Aug 26  251.5
Sept 1   250

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