Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Check out the Anterior Pelvic Tilt on That Guy!

One of the challenges of my new found outlook on fitness is going to the gym.  I remember in gym class in high school they kinda took the class up to the weight room and cut the class loose to find their way to fitness.  The real world doesn't work like that.  I can spend 45 mins in the gym and do 10 minutes worth of work, believe me I've done it before.  Programs like P90X are great since it's a one time cost, but then you're left by yourself to stink your living room up, alone.  And although it's a great routine, with no one around it gets repetitive and boring.  Nothing beats having lots of expensive equipment laying around that you don't have to store, clean, or maintain.  Besides its motivating to see other people succeed and judge where you want your body to end up (I wanna have arms like that guy, ect).  If you ask my Mother she would tell you the $20/month I spend at the gym is entirely too much since there's a bike in my garage, and a paved road that literally runs in front of my house.  And to some degree shes right, nothing beats a summer afternoon getting sweaty in the sunshine.  But there's no squat rack in my backyard, and no bench in the driveway.  And that's where it's handy to have a gym membership.

Thanks to Reddit (and some 'downtime' at work), I found an interesting article that answers some questions I've had.  For a long time I've noticed that both me and my father share some similar traits.  Balding head, same styling goatees, but one trait always bugged me.  That arched back, gut hanging forward, and butt sticking out trait that I always found unattractive about myself.  I always chalked it up to having more weight on the front of me than my spine wanted to handle.  Now I'm not a doctor (my sister could attest to that), but it seems like it's a common and correctable problem called 'Anterior Pelvic Tilt'.  Now I'm not going to do some write up about it since I've already read at least 3 articles about it, but it is something that I would like to work on personally.  The good news is it does seem correctable just by adding a few extra moves in my routine, or at least something to work on in the morning.  I would hate to lose a bunch of weight only to have my not as fat gut still look like I was packing on a few pounds.

As an added bonus, heres a lovely photo of me and my mama!

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