Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 7

So I decided last week to take the week off.  Not really the best way to keep on track of my weight loss, but either way it happened.  I had a doctors visit earlier in the week that led to some annoyances that kept me out of the gym.  Since I wasn't at the gym it gave me more time to go out to dinner.  So the next few weeks I'm expecting to keep putting up some red number while I try and get back on track.

This weekend is my friend Steve's wedding and I couldn't be more excited.  I have known Steve for 10 years now and even went to Vincennes with him.  Steve and his fiance Lauren have been together for a long time and I'm excited to see them finally get married.  In addition to the wedding there will of course be lots of food, open bar, and cake.  I'm expecting to pack on at least 2,000 calories while I'm there so this week I really have to cut my food down.

I am however really looking forward to hitting the gym tonight.  I'm doubt if a week off is enough to ruin my progress, but we'll find out tonight.  I ended the week prior squatting 225, and benching 150.  I'm really hoping I can recover back to those numbers quickly.

Want to indulge in some light reading this week?  Check out Lean Gains!

April 29 278     279.7
May 6   276.5  280.2
May 13  274    -
May 20  272.5  -
May 27  271

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 5

Last week went excellent!  I ate very healthy and worked out everyday, that is until the weekend hit.  On Friday I made this amazing tropical salsa and of course along with all of the added sugar in the fruit, I ate a ton of carbs getting the salsa to my mouth in the form of tortilla chips.  Other than that we threw a mini party for some close friends where we partook in other non-health conscious things.  I kind of regret taking the weekend off since it's thrown my weight off drastically.  I weighed in Friday morning at 272 which was huge!  Meaning I had lost 7 lbs last week!  Too bad this morning (Tues) I weighed in at 280.  Somehow I managed to gain 8 lbs over the weekend.  I'm not buying it, scale.  So this week will be a rough week as I try and push myself to get back on track.  The rest of this month is going to be interesting considering for the next 3 weekend I have a bachelor party, and 2 weddings.

I've set some weight goals for myself, why not set some fitness goals as well?  I've been doing some online research, and although I don't want to be a cop or in the army, it wouldn't be a bad idea to train like one.  So the least physically required job that I could think of was police officer (no offense to any officers).  So after a quick Google search I was able to find the minimum requirements to become a South Bend Police Officer.  I'm going to start here, and work my way up.  The city requires I can jump 13.5 inches, do 24 sit ups in a minute, run 300 meters in 82 seconds, do 21 push-ups (no time limit), and clock an 18:56 1.5 mile run.

Well I ran the 1.5 miles today and hit a time of 20 mins almost on the dot, I also ran it on a treadmill.  For being over-weight and not used to running, I think I did alright.  My vertical jump last week was over 12 inches measured with a piece of printer paper and in dress shoes, not very reliable.  I can in fact do 21 push-ups, but I haven't tested the 300 meter run or the 24 sit ups yet.  As soon as I have a way to test the run I will post the results of that and the sit ups.  I'm just not feeling too energetic after the gym this morning to work out more.

The Army is a bit harder, but I'm sure I'll get onto more of that later after I conquer SBPD.  The Military in general has some guidelines they've posted as far as body fat content.  For the National Guard for my age group is below 26%, for the Army it's 22%.  Again I will post more when I can get past Police Dept.  Also this week marks a doctors visit, so we'll see what he has to say too.

April 29 278     279.7
May 6   276.5  280.2
May 13  274

Tropical Salsa
1 Mango, 1 Papaya, 1/2 Golden Pineapple, 5 JalapeƱos (Seeded), 2 Poblano Peppers (Charred, Skinned, Seeded), 1 Bunch Cilantro, Juice of 1 Lime, 1 Red Onion