Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 4

I set up my goals at the beginning of the week when I weighed 284.  So I spent the week watching what I ate and working hard and I'm proud to say this morning I weighed 279.7!  That put me ahead of my goal by a pound!  I just hope I don't see it as an opportunity to slack off.

So I'e been doing Atkins off and on for about a year now, and I can tell you that it is working well.  75+ lbs well.  Although I've come a long way, there is still a long way to go.  It took years to put on, and it will take years to take off.  It's not that hard to diet and exercise, and I actually enjoy my new found strength.  I wish I would of started losing weight a lot sooner so that I would not have wasted years being unhealthy and generally unhappy about life.

So for those of you who don't know what Atkins is, it is basically a carb/calorie restricted diet.  I'm not going to type up all the in's and out's of the diet since that's what Google is for.  But I still feel like people interested in the diet can learn from my personal experience.  I've actually given up carbonated beverages for a while.  When I was weighing myself everyday I would notice when I drank even a diet soda it would slow my weight loss.  Plus personally I feel a lot better when I drink non carbonated water vs diet soda.

When I started Atkins, I was going from Taco Bell, home deep fried frozen cheese sticks, most of a frozen pizza for dinner 4 nights a week, to diet food.  It did not seem interesting or tasty to me what so ever.  The first few weeks were rough.  I craved everything from tacos to ice cream, and it wasn't because I was hungry it was because I was dieting.  So I powered through it and after a while my eating habits became just that, habits.  Just recently I went to Vegas and we went to the buffet.  I told myself when I left that I was of vacation, and I would let myself eat whatever I wanted.  So I walked up to the buffet and grabbed everything that looked good.  When I sat back down without realizing it I had grabbed a plate full of protein.  And while I made sure to eat some of the most delicious chicken, prime rib, and pork that I've ever had, I made sure to go back up and get dessert.  But eventually I came to find recipes that I love to cook at home.

One of my favorites recently is a quesadilla with shredded chicken, cheese, and vegetables.  It's so simple once I found low carb tortillas in the grocery store (about 4 net carbs).  And since you can eat meat, cheese, and vegetables it's not that hard figuring out mexican recipes you can make.  Most of the time though I'll just cook marinated chicken/steak/pork with a side salad for dinner.  If you ask Google for low carb recipes you'l find entire websites dedicated to the subject.

So my goal is to lose 30 lbs by Sept 1st.  I calculated that that's roughly 2.2 lbs a week which seems a bit tough, but still do-able.  Whether I make it or not, I'm still going to lose weight and I'm still going to feel better.  So, in case you're following along at home here it is.  It'll actually be easier for me to keep track if I have it written down somewhere, might as well be here. 279.7

April 29 278     279.7
May 6   276.5
May 13  274
May 20  272.5
May 27  271
June 3    269.5
June 10  268
June 17  266.5
June 24  265
July 1     263.5
July 8     262
July 15   260.5
July 22   259
July 29   257.5
Aug 5    256
Aug 12  254.5
Aug 19  253
Aug 26  251.5
Sept 1   250

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 3

This past week was pretty good!  I hit the gym pretty much everyday (except for Saturday), and I'm feeling a bit stronger.  As far as weight goes, I made a little progress but not as much as I'd like.  I guess I'll just have to keep at it to get there.  Although last week I made a step in the right direction.  My black work pants were entirely too big, so I went to Walmart and found some new ones.  I picked out a few size 40's and tried them on, but the legs of the pants were still big.  So I went back to the rack, grabbed a size 38 waist, and they fit!  I am so excited to actually be wearing clothes that fit the rest of my body besides my waist.  In addition to my weight loss goals (weigh 250 by 8/31), I think I want to add size 36 waist.  Which at 250 lbs is very do-able.

One of the things I told myself when I was bigger was that I knew I was fat, but I didn't ever see it impacting my life or the things I wanted to do.  Granted my list did not include things that I want to do now (like sports, or activities having to do with being outside besides drinking), but we'll touch more on that later.  It didn't dawn on me that my weight was a problem until I learned that in the summer of 2011 my family would be taking a trip to Cedar Point.

Now to most of you that doesn't seem like it's that big of a deal, or let alone a wake up call.  But to a fat person it could potentially be one of the most embarrassing times I could ever imagine.  Anyone who knows me from my childhood could tell you that Cedar Point was a place I used to frequent often with my Grandparents.  Every year we would hop in my Grandpas big red van and cruise on out to good old Sandusky, Ohio and spend at least a couple of days roaming the park and finding exciting rides to go on with my sisters.  In those days the only thing I had to worry about was being tall enough to ride, not too fat to find a seat.  So I used that as motivation to fuel my weight loss.  I absolutely did not want to be left on the sidelines watching my family ride some of my all time favorite rides while I sat on the bench.  And at a weight of 355 that was a very real circumstance.

The last time I went before this was in the summer of 2004 when my girlfriend at the time, my best friend kris, his girlfriend at the time and I all took a trip out.  At this time I was more around the 220 mark that I graduated at, but still I found 1 ride that I barely made it onto.  This was an eye opener, especially for the future when I dreamed of going back.  So when I packed up all of my things and headed back there last summer I am proud to say there was only 1 ride I couldn't fit onto: Top Fuel Dragster.  The Millennium Force was a tight squeeze but I am glad to say that I made it onto the ride once, and although I couldn't ride it with no hands, the fact that I rode it at all was a huge accomplishment in my book.  Maybe it's a good thing that there's one ride left that I couldn't take, it's now a goal for me to be able to ride it comfortably.

There are some other things that I would enjoy doing that involve more than sitting around and playing video games or drinking.  I want to climb a mountain, maybe not a crazy tall mountain, but something that looks good on a resume (Haha).  I also would like to run in a marathon before I die, since that never really was an option of mine when I was larger.  Heck I'd actually be happy with a decent 1 mile time since that is something that has never happened.  Actually if I could run over a mile without stopping I'd be excited.

Below isn't quite the 'Me at Cedar Point' picture I was looking for, but it was during the same week.  Ryan, Graham, Dallas, and I all went to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates take on the Cubs.  As you can tell I'm a huge Cubs fan so I wore Blue.  Everybody knows the Colts are in fact the greatest team ever assembled, and that includes every other sport.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to the Gym

Yesterday was my first day back to the gym.  Ouch, everything hurts.  I'm guessing that's a good thing considering I haven't been to the gym in over 2 weeks now.  My arms felt deflated and I didn't have that much energy.  I guess I can't say that I have a lot of motivation today since pretty much my entire body is sore.  My lovely girlfriend came with me to offer motivation, which didn't last long as it only took me about 30 minutes before my body was begging to go home and sleep.

My bench press was basically back to where I started at, 5x5 @ 130 lbs.  My squats were 5x5 @ 150, and I had to throw 160 lbs on my assisted dips (284-160=124 lbs).  So yes I was feeling a little on the weak side, but I guess that's why we go to the gym in the first place.  If I'm going to be saving people from burning buildings and wrestling bears I'm gonna need some strength.

One of the things I've been trying to work on is figuring out a good workout routine.  I wanted to basically break it down into 2 different days, and rotate those days 3-6 times a week depending on how lazy, I mean busy I am.  On one day I want to do Squats, Bench, and Dips/Pull-ups until my limbs want to fall off.  On the opposite days I want to do some kind of cardio for at least 30 mins in addition to some core strength exercise. So things like sit-ups, and planks.  Anyone with any kind of gym experience feel free to help me out.

On a side note my scale finally bit the dust.  I hopped on it this morning just because I was curious and it told me I weighed 29.7kg (65.4lbs).  For the last few months weighing myself has been fun since my scale was only reading numbers out in kilograms.  Realizing that this was some encrypted way of reading weight I downloaded an app on my phone that converted kg into a number that I recognize, lbs.  But now the time has come to go buy a new one.  Maybe I can con my roommate into buying one since my vacation was a bit rough on my wallet.  Well thanks for reading, stay motivated!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 2

So last week was the first week after my vacation.  As some of you may know I spent the begining part of last week out sick with some sort of cold bug, so I couldn't get to the gym that much.  Not to mention I took some time to spend at Taco Bell, and Chipotle.  Although I didn't experience any weight loss success, this week marks the beginning of my workout routine and serious dieting to start shedding some pounds.  I even got my girlfriend on board to workout with me, as well as promise to stop going out to eat as much.

As I mentioned last week I have a pair of jeans that I've owned for a little over a year now.  They were the only pair of jeans that I would wear and I rarely wore them at home.  The only time I put them on was if I was going somewhere that required a little more than PJ's.  They are size 42 relaxed fit.  So basically they're 44's with baggy legs.  I used to HATE wearing these since after about 45 mins of wearing them, they would start to cut into my waist.  They barely fit my thighs in and I had to suck in my gut just to get them to zip up.  I'm happy so say now that they are now part of my 'Fat Clothes' collection.  I don't like wearing them anymore since they look so baggy on me.  I recently went out and bought new jeans and fit into size 40 straight leg.  No baggy relaxed fit anymore, regular jeans that you can find in a regular store!  Not only that, but I've also started to fit into XL's more instead of almost ripping my gut out of XXL's.

There comes some problems with losing weight of course, like not having clothes that fit or look good.  I spent 3 years working at Spencers and after that time, I've amassed quite a collection of Douchbag graphic tee's.  Not only are these too big to fit me, they also look terrible.  As summer is approaching I have no idea what I want to wear.  I know my style is going to include less 'Extreme Couture' shirts and more non logo wear.  We'll see how the summer shapes up, but it's looking like an all new wardrobe is going to be a little pricey.  On the other hand I don't want to spend too much since next year I'm likely to run into the same problem (given that my dieting goes well).  But on the other hand I'm guessing that is a good problem to have.

If you can find a worse (and by worse I mean fatter) picture of me somewhere please share so I can get a better 'Before' picture.  Hopefully I can post some current body pictures soon, as if any of you actually want to see that.

Below is a 2 for 1!  Not only do I look fat, but I'm also wearing a Douchy shirt.  Bonus points for anyone who was watching my fat belly rock out on stage with Chemcoma that night!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Check out the Anterior Pelvic Tilt on That Guy!

One of the challenges of my new found outlook on fitness is going to the gym.  I remember in gym class in high school they kinda took the class up to the weight room and cut the class loose to find their way to fitness.  The real world doesn't work like that.  I can spend 45 mins in the gym and do 10 minutes worth of work, believe me I've done it before.  Programs like P90X are great since it's a one time cost, but then you're left by yourself to stink your living room up, alone.  And although it's a great routine, with no one around it gets repetitive and boring.  Nothing beats having lots of expensive equipment laying around that you don't have to store, clean, or maintain.  Besides its motivating to see other people succeed and judge where you want your body to end up (I wanna have arms like that guy, ect).  If you ask my Mother she would tell you the $20/month I spend at the gym is entirely too much since there's a bike in my garage, and a paved road that literally runs in front of my house.  And to some degree shes right, nothing beats a summer afternoon getting sweaty in the sunshine.  But there's no squat rack in my backyard, and no bench in the driveway.  And that's where it's handy to have a gym membership.

Thanks to Reddit (and some 'downtime' at work), I found an interesting article that answers some questions I've had.  For a long time I've noticed that both me and my father share some similar traits.  Balding head, same styling goatees, but one trait always bugged me.  That arched back, gut hanging forward, and butt sticking out trait that I always found unattractive about myself.  I always chalked it up to having more weight on the front of me than my spine wanted to handle.  Now I'm not a doctor (my sister could attest to that), but it seems like it's a common and correctable problem called 'Anterior Pelvic Tilt'.  Now I'm not going to do some write up about it since I've already read at least 3 articles about it, but it is something that I would like to work on personally.  The good news is it does seem correctable just by adding a few extra moves in my routine, or at least something to work on in the morning.  I would hate to lose a bunch of weight only to have my not as fat gut still look like I was packing on a few pounds.

As an added bonus, heres a lovely photo of me and my mama!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 1

Over the last year of my life I have decided to take some initiative and get rid of my fat ugly gut.  Some of you may have seen me within the last year and some of you may have not.  Since around May 2011-Now (April 2012) I've lost about 70lbs.  It's taken a long time losing that much weight, but it also took a long time packing it on.  One thing I regret about my weight loss so far is the lack of documentation regarding my progress.  I have no 'Before and After' pictures, or any real starting dates and what not.  So it's kind of a bummer to try and think back to when all of this started.  I do however remember getting to that point where I knew I needed a change.  I would sit on my bed to put my socks on and my gut would get in the way so I would have to hold my breath in order for me to bend over far enough to put my socks and shoes on.  I would have problems getting in and out of cars.  As soon as I got home from where ever I was (bars, dinner, ect.) I would change out of my now 'Fat Jeans' and straight into PJ's.  My waist had expanded to a tight fitting 44, and I was pushing the boundaries of a XXL shirt.  The thought of having to shop at a Big and Tall store was horrifying.  I always told myself if I ever felt limited by my weight I would change it, and that time had come.

So I started down the long road of turning my enormous self into a happier version.  I had tried a few different diets but didn't want to stick to any that didn't include Taco Bell and Alcohol, until I got serious.  My friend Cody Hughes had some awesome success doing Atkins and so had my Dad, so I decided to give that a shot. I already loved eating meat and after some research it seemed like a good way to go.  So around May I started my new diet.  For the previous 5-6 years I had avoided a scale at all costs so I wouldn't have to face the reality of my poor health.  I had a starting weight of a whopping 355 lbs!  Thats a BMI of an estimated 49.5%!  There certainly was a lot of Mike Lutin to go around.  The weight loss is exciting!  On my diet I could step on the scale each morning and see a lower number everyday!  It's easy to lose weight when you're that big.

I would say after about 4 months of dieting I was down to about 305.  50 lbs in 4 months wasn't easy but I sure felt a lot better.  At that point I had some life changes and took a break from focusing on dieting.  I didn't really go back to my old ways, but I did get a little lacks on my self-discipline.  My biggest pitfalls are booze and Taco Bell, and generally the 2 go hand in hand.  That's how you end up eating 3000-4000 calories in a day.  In the ensuing 6 months (Oct 2011-March 2012) I had lost an additional 5 lbs or so down to an even 300 lbs.  Not bad considering that got me through the Holidays without much focus on weight loss.  Then came spring.

I knew that at the beginning of April me and some friends were going to be taking a vacation to Vegas and I didn't really want to have to purchase 2 plane tickets to sit my still overweight butt.  So I started up my strict dieting.  My girlfriend did not like my 'boring' diet since we didn't get to go and eat out a lot.  She tells me diets are for losers haha.  Anyways I stuck to my guns for about 2 and half weeks and lost an additional 15 lbs.  Not bad for giving up after St. Patty's day.  So after a week of buffets and the typical 'Vegas Experience', walking around Breckenridge, CO, and being sick for about a week, I was stunned to find out that I had broken even.  Which judging by my luck at slot machines was a huge win for me.  I weighed in on Easter (4/8/12) at 285.  So this is where I'm standing, a total loss of 70 lbs, or a small child worth of fat.

I want to create this Blog to track my remaining weight loss.  My short term goal for now is to lose 35 lbs by the end of summer (8/31/12) and get down to an even 250.  Since I graduated high school at about 220 that would put me within reach of being there.  I may not update this every week, but I will be sure to keep you up to speed on my progress periodically.

Here's as 'Before' as you're going to get:
St. Patty's day 2011 (est. 355 lbs)

Please don't be afraid to comment!!!